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We are an indie label with bite, fighting to change the music industry from the inside out. Founded in 2015, and fast attracting talented writers and artists, Bespoke is about doing things differently- based on the values of championing killer art and valuing creatives above their creative product.

We're on a crusade to change the music industry- we want our artists, writers and consumers to change it with us. Come join the revolution.



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Paramore – A New Album, A New Sound

Paramore After Laughter

Anybody growing up as an awkward teenager in the mid-late 2000’s will remember with fond nostalgia the music of Paramore and the way they tapped into a MySpace culture of emotional angst at just the right time. Lead singer Hayley Williams’ dramatically razor-sharp bangs (with appropriately violent bursts of red,

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How Much Does Bespoke Pay?

Dollar Money

That’s right. You read correctly. We’re gunna tell you exactly how much we paid our songwriters in 2016. ARE WE CRAZY?! We don’t think so (… well. maybe a little). In 2016 we (mostly) concentrated on getting our publishing network setup and working correctly. We like to think of it

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Futurelight – L.O.V.E

Futurelight - L.O.V.E Futurelight are a rising synth-pop band from the city of Łódź, Poland and despite their relative obscurity, their newest single “L.O.V.E” contains all the necessary ingredients that one can expect from a contemporary pop classic. It’s clear that you can hear their influences shine through (Kasabian, Depeche Mode and

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