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Bespoke Records

We are an indie label with bite, fighting to change the music industry from the inside out. Founded in 2015, and fast attracting talented writers and artists, Bespoke is about doing things differently- based on the values of championing killer art and valuing creatives above their creative product.

We're on a crusade to change the music industry- we want our artists, writers and consumers to change it with us. Come join the revolution.




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The Benefits Of Being Unsigned

Jake Isaac

Before we begin, I'd like to start off by quickly acknowledging that there are two sides to every coin! In many situations in this music journey there are pros and cons. I suppose this little write-up is simply a bit of insight into my own observations and experience on my

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Outlines – Sketches

Outlines Sketches

Bespoke Records are set to release a final Outlines album - Sketches, featuring the 8 original piano demos recorded before the 2 EPs were produced.  Showing the 8 stunning songs in their rawest form, singer Sam Cox delivers effortless and mesmerising performances- including favourites 'Tranquiliser' and 'Carnegie Hall'. Not one

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Since November – Star System

Since November Star System Review

If there was an award for the most memorable piano part of the year, Finland based Indie-Pop duo Since November would win in a heartbeat with their debut single ‘Star System’ released in late June this year. The riff is wonderfully unique in that it is flashy, sad and uplifting

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