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Bespoke Records

We are an indie label with bite, fighting to change the music industry from the inside out. Founded in 2015, and fast attracting talented writers and artists, Bespoke is about doing things differently- based on the values of championing killer art and valuing creatives above their creative product.

We're on a crusade to change the music industry- we want our artists, writers and consumers to change it with us. Come join the revolution.




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5 Things Your Gonna Forget

There’s a million things to consider and action when preparing for your music releases: in the build up, on the release day and the weeks beyond. Odds are you’ll forget at least a few things, but it’s important to take your time: build a strategy and plan, map out a

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REVIEW // Apostle Thomas – Party Line

Apostle Thomas Party Line

Fresh off the back of playing at our live night in Brighton and their headline London show Apostle Thomas return with fresh single 'Party Line'. Super tight harmonies, dark engagingly repetitive guitars and that kind of alluringly simple song that is often missing in indie/alternative/folk sets 'Party Line' apart from

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REVIEW // Heart Youth

Heart Youth - Where Would I Be

Off the back of the acclaimed 2017 Heart Worship EP 'Faithful To Us' the next generation of Heart Church (Nottingham) has taken up the baton- releasing a double single- 'Unending Grace' and 'Where Would I Be'. It's tricky to create music that works in a church setting, appeals to

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