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An independent music company, founded in 2015 with a mission to champion artists, as well as the art they create. Incorporating a record label, publishing, administration services and recording studio, Bespoke works across the industry to bring true value to artists and songwriters whilst empowering them through open communication and transparency. Bespoke was founded as a response to better understand and serve the needs and daily struggles of developing artists, while innovating the way in which music is delivered to the market.

Bespoke (true to our name) provides a personal relationship with artists whilst maintaining a global presence to deliver maximum value alongside in-depth rights protection. We’re a community- a family but with added punch to amplify the platform of the artists we invest in. Our unique blend of direct UK relationships with revenue sources and strategic international partnerships helps execute this vision- giving UK artists and writers the best return for their creative output across all territories.

Success speaks for itself. Our songs have been featured on releases from The Vamps, Gareth Emery, Matt Redman and Jake Isaac (to name a few)- racking up a staggering 38 Million streams. A strong relationship with Spotify has forged an international reputation for our fast growing label divison- including helping us to introduce new artists like Bright City to the market. We’ve built a reputation for quality artistry and a knack for being the home of development for the next generation of UK songwriters and artists, across several genres.

We’re protecting creators, who can then bring better songs and artistry to the market, which is then able to invest in a more direct and longer lasting way. The music maker wins. The music consumer wins. Everyone wins.

Bespoke is at the forefront of championing art, and championing artists.




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Aneesah Keeping You Review

Spending 2 years bringing 5 tracks to life has paid off for Aneesah, her debut EP The Fact of Being showing a songwriting maturity often lacking in first-time offerings. 'Keeping You' is a light hearted yet well put together blend of flavours, weaved with an honest lyrical style. The

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5 Things Your Gonna Forget

There’s a million things to consider and action when preparing for your music releases: in the build up, on the release day and the weeks beyond. Odds are you’ll forget at least a few things, but it’s important to take your time: build a strategy and plan, map out a

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REVIEW // Apostle Thomas – Party Line

Apostle Thomas Party Line

Fresh off the back of playing at our live night in Brighton and their headline London show Apostle Thomas return with fresh single 'Party Line'. Super tight harmonies, dark engagingly repetitive guitars and that kind of alluringly simple song that is often missing in indie/alternative/folk sets 'Party Line' apart from

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