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We are an indie label with bite, fighting to change the music industry from the inside out. Founded in 2015, and fast attracting talented writers and artists, Bespoke is about doing things differently- based on the values of championing killer art and valuing creatives above their creative product.

We're on a crusade to change the music industry- we want our artists, writers and consumers to change it with us. Come join the revolution.



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What do Record Labels do?

What does a record label do?

Most general Joe Bloggs people-on-yer-street aren’t sure what record labels do - other than notoriously take advantage of, and screw over, artists. Music is a complex industry, but the very core is record labels. The original labels (of which the original original is Columbia) began as gramophone manufacturers - selling

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Inception Blog Bespoke Records Leonardo DiCaprio

Ah Leo. Finally a well-deserved Oscar for being mauled by a bear. In other news, check out some more of the blogs we regularly check in with. Rather than always popping educating stuff on our blog, might as well share some of the places where we get educated!   FOR

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Bespoke Records- any monkey can do social media

"Any old Monkey can use social media to tell people about their next gig" We were invited to speak at a ‘Music and Media’ conference this weekend in central London, hosted by Step FWD.  It was a great event, with a lot of discussion around how up-and-coming and established independent

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