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We are an indie label with bite, fighting to change the music industry from the inside out. Founded in 2015, and fast attracting talented writers and artists, Bespoke is about doing things differently- based on the values of championing killer art and valuing creatives above their creative product.

We're on a crusade to change the music industry- we want our artists, writers and consumers to change it with us. Come join the revolution.



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Stand Up and Speak Out: 5 Political Albums you need to listen to

5 Political Albums

Last year was full of controversy for many. Brexit divided the nation and Trump unexpectedly won the US Election. Since the inauguration on January 20th, his controversial agendas have dramatically unravelled before our eyes as he has tried to enforce bans on immigration and to build segregating walls. However amidst

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Business X Personal

Business vs Personal

Have you had a working relationship grow into a friendship but found it difficult to differentiate the two? If your answer is YES, well you’re not alone. ME TOO. I admit it can be a challenging dynamic to figure out. I think being able to have a healthy working relationship and friendship

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The New Electric – Ride This Feeling

The New Electric Hailing from Calgary, The New Electric are styling themselves into something to keep your eyes on in the Alt/Pop world.  This track is certainly a more straight up Top 40 pop offering- perhaps they're 'poppier' than they think judging by the plethora of relative chart success and radio play they've had

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