December 1, 2016 Henry

Amy Gillespie – Wintertime (For Blue)

Amy Gillespie - Wintertime (For Blue)

London based singer-songwriter (don’t let that word put you off) Amy Gillespie has been on the rise, carving a path through the UK folk scene. Picking up interest from Newton Faulkner, Folkroom label and even Q magazine- Amy’s eerie vocals and soft guitar textures are getting stuck in the minds of more and more of the capital’s folk influencers.

Though an obvious close affiliation with Joni Mitchell, Amy’s work pays homage also to Dylan, Neil Young, John Martyn- her sensitivity evident as a self-producer honing a process of raw, live-take, acoustic recording.

Wintertime (For Blue) takes the Joni Mitchell inspiration a step further- being dedicated to the album ‘Blue’ that Amy is drawn to on an annual basis. Opening with a delicate landscape of plucked guitars and ethereal vocal pads- Wintertime is a softly engaging piece throughout. There’s a engaging quality in just about everything about this track- the rawness and authenticity of the recording, the insistent yet laid back guitars. The lack of obvious driving rhythm doesn’t slow it down- yet it’s the melodically captivating vocal that draws your attention. A subtle vocal, but thorough diction avoids a usual ‘blurriness’ that accompanies subtlety.

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