December 26, 2015 Henry

Josh Gauton


Smashing a Kickstarter Campaign by over 40% is no mean feat. It’s music fans putting their money where their mouth is. It’s their statement of belief. In the case of Josh Gauton – it signals the explosive arrival of his debut EP- “As The Waters Rise”.

“I wanted to create something that felt unique to my voice – who I am, what I love, the things I struggle with. Art that is beautiful, but at the same time, challenging.”


Based in Birmingham, Josh spent the last few years in London as part of the Worship Central team (for which he is now Creative Director)- leading worship and overseeing creative media. A degree in architecture, an accomplished graphic designer and photographer; Josh is an innovative guy. Naturally, these skills have manifested in a keen eye for detail and an ever expanding creative scope. This channeling helps push the evolution of his music- a real drive, passion to never settle and strong attention to detail.

Raised on a diet of acoustic pop, 80’s electro and heavy metal, as well as playing the violin for a decade of his youth, Josh’s music draws influence from a vast array of sounds and inspirations – elements coming together to form an interesting and complex tapestry of sound in this debut.



Releasing his debut single ‘Masks‘ in Summer 2015 to critical reception, Josh is always looking to expand horizons- none more so than through his freshman release. Jam packed full of sweet, thought-out tones, tight parts and emotive vocals- Josh is redefining the mould of what ‘christian’ music can sound like. Produced by Jonny Bird (Martin Smith, Army Of Bones), “As The Waters Rise” explores (amongst other things) the tensions of suffering and pain fighting with hope – as Josh writes: “In the desert of despair, where darkness appears to reign unchallenged, there lies a grain-of-sand speck of hope.

A sonic landscape ranging from minimalist electronic beats through to anthemic guitar riffs and haunting vocals.” – RELEVANT magazine

This is a fantastic new EP from Josh – Josh’s songs are honest, deep, raw and passionate. With a stunning voice, and engaging production this is an amazing debut.” – Tim Hughes






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