December 26, 2015 Henry

Sam Bailey


Depth. Exploration. Standing in the gap. The threads woven together by exemplary writer Sam Bailey are far from surface level- a thoughtful depth emanating through a unique vocal and focussed lyrical content.



Born in bristol but raised in Cheltenham- the historic Georgian town setting would no doubt have an impact on any young craftsman’s journey. Carefully honing his songwriting and thought process, Sam’s wisdom beyond his years naturally led him to lead worship for first Soul Survivor and now New Wine– both huge people movements, with 25,000+ attendees each across summer festivals. None of this daunts the deep thinker- perhaps why he is also part of the set up at KXC, a church marked by creativity and culture changing outreach. Sam has written many modern classics through the years at the helm of these movements- songs including Wildfire, Simple Pursuit and Magnificent Kindness. These only stand as a foundation to grow upon, the beginning to the exploration of what an artist can uncover.

Quoting Springsteen, Bailey expands- “If one and one make two, you fail. If you’re painting and all you have is paint and a canvas, what are you actually saying? You have to reach down and find that third thing that you don’t truly understand but know is coming from inside of you.”



These themes are evident in Sam’s project, “Gold”- released under the pseudonym ‘bailey’. Struck by Babara Bloom’s exploration of an ancient Japanese art, Kintsugi, this album explores the theme of beauty out of brokenness. This ancient Japanese tradition tells a story of hope and grace- it’s believed broken objects can become more beautiful as a result of going through a process of renewal and purification as the broken cracks are aggrandised with gold. It’s this depth of thought and philosophical approach that sets Sam apart as a writer, and as an artist to watch.

Absolutely fresh, new and stunning” – matthewjxke, iTunes Review

There are some beautiful tracks here in this sweeping arc, the whole thing has a touch of class to it.” – One Man In The Middle Review







New Wine- themes of the Gold project
Gold- One Man In The Middle review