January 1, 2016 Henry

Why Start A Blog?

“We’re on a crusade to change the music industry. We want our artists, writers and consumers to change it with us.  A music revolution.”

Bespoke Records is not just out to sell music. We want to revolutionise the entire industry – we’re on a crusade to fundamentally change the way artists and consumers interface with one another through the industry (the go-between) and put creativity back at the fore. We certainly don’t want to do it by hoodwinking consumers and artists – screwing music lovers and music makers alike, laughing ourselves to sleep on mounds and mounds of cash. Our vision is to do it by finding a way to honour and incentivise creativity while providing a fair deal for consumers. The key building blocks of this are education and community- the reasons for this blog.


This blog is to inform music buyers. Not about how our music is better than everyone else’s- but about how music is made, how the artists and writers make money (if any!) and how the industry is evolving. Just pure information! A more informed and educated consumer ends in a better deal for the artist as a more informed decision is made at the point of purchase and consumption.

This blog is to inform music makers: current consumption trends, different ways songwriters can monetise their output, awesome and inspiring art that could spark off whole new creative explorations. Helping publishers, labels and managers find better ways of serving and enhancing creative output. A more informed industry results in better deals for music consumers.

We’re going to “give it away”- a blog of meaningful information and discussion shared freely in aid of the crusade. Not a preachy, patronising “this is really how it should be done”, but more of a “here’s how the facts currently stand – who else wants in to try and change it…?!”


No one likes going it alone. Revolutions and crusades gather momentum and begin to effect real change when more people get on board and get involved.  There’s no point keeping it all to ourselves anymore – hiding up in skyscrapers counting dollar. Information is key in the current Internet and social media age- but it’s only effective when shared, road-tested and proved by an engaged community. A wider array of people can learn from any one person’s experience so everyone moves forward together. We want this blog to engender discussion, disagreement, inspiration. We can all learn together; all standing on the shoulders of one another. Life’s far more fun with other people involved.

We’re going to harp on about our vision and values, hopefully capturing the imagination of creatives and consumers to come and join the crusade. Of course we’ll talk about great music we love – that’s the reason we got into this in the first place and is what draws us together.

Come listen in, come participate.  Join the crusade and let the revolution begin. 

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