February 23, 2018 Sophie Williams

REVIEW // Angel Olsen – My Woman

2014’s Burn Your Fire For No Witness cemented Olsen’s presence in the fuzz-folk grunge world. It saw her pour out fearless anthems of love, loss and loneliness and exuded an enviable independence that had never been seen from her before.

Her follow up album My Woman embraces these themes once again, but this time delving into much more daring and deeper soundscapes- creeping around the edges of indie-rock and alternative-folk. Angel’s retro inspired vocals ooze the signature reverb that is now associated with her, with tracks like ‘Heart Shaped Face’ and ‘Those were The Days’ presenting a likeness to 90s cool kids Mazzy Star and Cat Power. The album’s opener ‘Intern’, provides a first glimpse into the rest of the themes of the album, disclosing the struggle of trying to determine who you are as a person, Olsen warbling “Still got to wake up and be someone” and “I just want to be alive, make something real.”

This fourth LP from the St. Louis songstress is unarguably a must have, and if you haven’t got it: go and get it.

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