April 9, 2018 Henry

REVIEW // Apostle Thomas – Party Line

Fresh off the back of playing at our live night in Brighton and their headline London show Apostle Thomas return with fresh single ‘Party Line’.

Super tight harmonies, dark engagingly repetitive guitars and that kind of alluringly simple song that is often missing in indie/alternative/folk sets ‘Party Line’ apart from peers in Apostle Thomas’ field.

Front man (no prizes for guessing his name…) Thomas has been playing session guitar for the illustrious Josh Record– in fact most of the band are session players and their experience comes across in how held back their recorded performances are. It’d be easy to fill these tracks with over the top runs and show-off parts but their simplicity speaks volumes- letting the song stand up on its own 2 feet.

‘Party Line’ is a slow burner but it’s worth listening till the end- the exposition of the chorus a masterpiece in tension/release without anything in the track really having to build. A simple bedrock of repetitive instrumentation is enough to keep the listener glued to the soft and layered vocals.

If this and 2017 single ‘Coasts’ are anything to go by Apostle Thomas are going to be a slowly building burner themselves- one that’ll gather momentum and accrue life-long fans.

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