February 14, 2018 Sophie Williams

REVIEW // Caroline Lazar – Nevermine

In just over 2 minutes, Caroline Lazar’s debut single ‘Nevermine’ possesses the ability to soothe, thrill, disturb and enchant the ears of whoever happens to stumble upon it.

Lazar introduces herself as a beautifully frail voice accompanied by an equally fragile acoustic guitar, allowing the listener to pose comparisons to esteemed folk artists such as Joan Baez and Laura Marling. As the track deepens, the instrumentation expands into a whirlwind of soundscapes that are carried forward by the explosive drum pattern.

What once was a breathy, wide open space is now a dramatic anthem of a lost love. Intricate harmonies and heavily effected guitars pour themselves into a mighty eruption of emotion and transcendence, whilst vocals that are drenched in reverb weave in and out of one another to create eerie and unusual blends as the instrumentation bounds towards an electrifying climax. Suddenly Lazar makes a decision to bring it all crashing down, concluding with a simple lo-fi synth sound, reminiscent of the twinkling entrance heard on Youth Lagoon’s neo-psychedelic track, 17.

I wrote ‘Nevermine’ in a really low, confusing time for me along with the rest of the EP” writes Lazar- “I was experiencing emotions that I didn’t know existed and I didn’t know how to handle it, so I channeled it all into writing“.

Having racked up over 8,000 streams on the track on SoundCloud already, ‘Nevermine’ is sure to be the start of a long and prosperous journey into the alt-country/folk world for the US based teenager.

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