December 11, 2017 Sophie Williams

REVIEW // Everywhere – Moments

Opening with an infectious plucked guitar hook that is slightly reminiscent of Irish indie-rock band Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘Something Good Can Work’, Swedish alt pop band Everywhere, who now reside in London, have re-emerged with their new single ‘Moments’ only a short time after their previous electro pop release ‘Man Up’.

Unsure as to why comparisons have been made in the band’s biography between gothic rock band the Cure and electronic synth pop group Depeche Mode, the group exude much lighter and less serious tones than these 80s greats.

While the lyrical content is less than adventurous, Everywhere can just about get away with it.  Phrases such as ‘they say we are dreamers’, quite obviously resurfacing from Lennon’s classic ‘Imagine’ and ‘it’s all in our mind’ proving scarcely interesting. With the focus veering more towards the catchy riffs and anthemic summer chorus melody, the guys may not be your cup of tea, but there is no denying that the swelling synth line in the chorus will still be ringing through your brain hours later without you even realising it.

Compacted into a 3 minute radio friendly tune, the most that Everywhere achieve with ‘Moments’ is making you want to get up and dance after you’ve had a few. There are no elements in which you really need to think or use your mind – you don’t find yourself looking for a deeper meaning. But with that being said, perhaps sometimes you don’t really need to.

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