February 19, 2018 Sophie Williams

REVIEW // Slowdive – Slowdive

After 22 years of obscurity, shoegaze pioneers, Slowdive have emerged from the clouds with their new critically acclaimed self-titled album.

It’s as though they’ve never been gone, as the first reverb drenched notes of opener, ‘Slomo’ remind fans of why Slowdive were at the forefront of the 90s alternative scene. With luscious pedal effects and breathy vocals, Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell sound as if they are floating together in a parallel yet fuzzy universe, the echoing guitar riff of ‘Sugar For the Pill’ enveloping itself around the two voices sounding together as one. The second track ‘Star Roving’, is an anthemic nod to ‘Souvlaki Space Station’, a track from the band’s 1993 album Souvlaki, the album that gave the band the prestige they have today. A heavily anticipated album, fans were wondering whether they could possibly live up to their works of the past, and with an album of only 8 tracks, Slowdive have surpassed any expectations and more.

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